Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Parque Polanco

Turbo at the parkOn Sunday we took our ever growing puppy for a walk at a really nice park in Polanco, Mexico City. We want him to be a very well socialized puppy :) He made lots of new friends & even met Chuleta (Pork Chop), a beautiful little pet pig on a leash! I was shocked to see a pig on a leash that I didn't even take out my camera, arggg! I hope see her next time we go to the park to snap a photo to show you.


  1. So gret Turbo is getting social skills! It's so important. Our little Mandy girl had NO social skills at all when we adopted her at 1 1/2yrs of age...but now she is a therapy dog and visit hospice and reading programs with kids! I just love Turbo!! And enjoy reading about his wonderful life!

  2. Pork Chop sounds like a character. Turbo's growing so fast!

  3. That park looks so familiar! After university I spent three months in Mexico City and just about walked the entire city in that time. What an amazing place, and around every corner a new discovery of some kind. Thanks for letting me relive those young days!