Monday, August 24, 2009

Studio Assistant

My very sweet and funny studio mate
on his favorite spot under my desk.
His favorite toy right now is this rope "bone"
I got him last week. Look at how he's grown!!!


  1. Adorable. My basset hound likes to follow the pool of sunshine on the floor as it moves throughout the day

  2. Aww...he's a teenager now (in dog years). So cute! We have a border collie and they are so much fun. We named our Bandit. You just have to go with "fast" names for them because they fit so well. Oh, and we have a cat named Smokey. hehe.

  3. Hello Gennine
    This is the first time i comment in this blog and i like it so much. I love dogs but at this moment its imposible for me to care one. LOVE TURBO!! and care it.
    (I`m sorry i try my best in english)
    Saludos desde D.F. MEXICO

  4. I've just disoved this blog and I'm already in love with it! Your puppy is such a lovely creature! Thanks for sharing. :)